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E/O Converter LTX-510


Two voltage input ranges

Two impedance settings

Transmit without conducting EMI

Bandwidth to >60 MHz (-3dB)

 The LTX-510 Electrical to Optical Converter is a convenient device that is intended to transmit analogue or digital signals to a remote location via a multi-mode fibre optic cable. The main applications are situations in which the signal of interest has a high common mode voltage with respect to the measuring equipment. These applications include plasma physics experiments, power transmission equipment and high power laser equipment. Trigger information from electrically noisy sources such as high current discharge laser systems may be transmitted, without conducting electro-magnetic interference (EMI), to the measurement equipment.

 The LTX-510 is intended for use with the TIA-500S Optical to Electrical Converter but can be used with other o/c converters that respond at 850 nm and have the appropriate responsivity and bandwidth. The input impedance may be set to 50 ohms for high speed signals sent over a transmission line or to 1 Megohm for use at lower frequencies. The input connector is a female BNC and the output connector is an ST style.


Input voltage range: 0 to +1 V or 0 to +5 V, selectable

Input impedance: 50 ohms or 1 Megohm in parallel with 20 pF

Output power: 10 µW, - 20dBm typical

Input without damage: +/-7 V

Bandwidth (-3dB): DC to 60 MHz

Accuracy: +/-5% from DC to 35 MHz. +/-20% from DC to 50 MHz

Output wavelength: 850 nm, 100 nm FWHM

Input connector: Female BNC

Fibre optic connector: ST

Usable fibre type: multi-mode, 62.5/125 or 100/140

Power requirements: 12 +/-0.5 VDC @ 100 mA or 120 VAC with wall-mount power supply

Dimensions: 114 (W) x 63 (L) x 25 (H) mm

Weight: 230 gm

Operating temperature: 10 - 40 C

Limited warranty: 2 years from date of receipt

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 Electrical to Optical Converter.

Useful Documents


LTX-510 datasheet - pdf (44K)

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