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"Signal Transporter" LTX-5520

Signal TransporterFeatures

Transmits 16 independent TTL signals over a single fibre

Each channel has 0 to 25 Mb/S bandwidth

Inputs accepts LVTTL and/or CMOS/TTL

Outputs are LVTTL (0 - 3.3 V)

850 nm version for multimode links up to 500 M

1310 nm version for SM links up to 10 KM

May be paired with elements of the LTX- 5510 system to configure remote high speed 12-bit A/D and D/A converter modules

 The LTX-5520 enables the conveyance of sixteen independent channels of digital information over fibre optic links ranging from metres to more than 10 kilometres.

 Each of the 16 incoming TTL channels is sampled at 50 mega-samples per second, multiplexed and transmitted serially over an optical fibre at a 1 Gb/s data rate. The receiver acquires this digital data and de-multiplexes it to 16 separate output ports. Each of these channels may be toggled at rates ranging from 0 - 25 Mb/S.

 Two models are available. Selection depends on the fibre type and the length of the fibre optic link that is required. The LTX-5520-850 transmits at 850 nM over multimode fibre optic links of up to 500 metres in length, while the LTX-5520-1310 transmits at 1310 nm over single-mode fibre to cover distances in excess of 10 kilometres.

 The LTX-5510 precision analogue fibre optic link was the first in our series of “Signal Transporters”. It digitizes an analogue signal at a 50 Ms/S rate with 12-bit precision and reconstructs it at the LTX-5510 receiver by means of a fast D/A converter. If the user employs the LTX-5520 receiver with the LTX-5510 transmitter, the result is a remote fibre-coupled 12-bit data acquisition system.

 Similarly one can employ the LTX-5520 transmitter with the LTX-5510 receiver to generate fast high-resolution analogue signals at a remote location.

 Applications include data acquistion for plasma physics experiments, signal transmission and control of equipment at high voltage potentials, operation through Faraday shields, and precise noise-free signal transmission in hostile EMI environments.


Number of independent channels: 16

Digital Inputs: TTL, LVTTL, CMOS compatible

Digital Outputs: LVTTL ( 0 - 3.3 V)

Signal Latency (with one metre of fibre): ~300 nS

Sampling Rate: 50 Ms/S

Digital Switching Rates: 0 - 25Mb/S

Digital Signal Edge Uncertainty: +/-10 nS

Laser Wavelength: LTX-5520-850: 850 nm +/- 20 nm, LTX-5520-1310: 1310 nm +/- 20 nm

Optical Transmission Rate: 1.0 Gb/s

Loss Budget: 0 - 15 dB

Optical Return Loss: > 15 dB

Laser Safety Classification: Class I safety per FDA/CDRH and IEC-825-1 regulations

Typical Transmission Distances (850 nm): 500 M with 50/125 MM fiber, 300 M with 62.5/125 MM fiber

Typical Transmission Distances (1310 nm): 10 KM with 9/125 SM fiber

Fibre Optic Connectors: ST Type standard, FC available on request

Signal connectors: DB - 25 on input and output

LED Indicators Provided: Optical Signal - ON (receiver)

Power Supplies: Wall Mount, Universal, US, UK. Continental Europe, and Australian Plugs Included

Power Requirements: 95-260 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 16 VA Max

Operating Temperature Range: 0 - 40 C

Transmitter Dimensions (mm): 175 L x 104 5 x 40 H

Receiver Dimensions (mm): 175 L x 104 5 x 40 H

Weight Each: 0.46 Kg

Ordering Information

LTX-5520T (850nm mm)

 Digital/Digital E/O converter, with universal power supply.

LTX-5520R (850nm mm)

 Digital/Digital O/E converter, with universal power supply.

LTX-5520T (1310 nm sm)

 Digital/Digital E/O converter, with universal power supply.

LTX-5520R (1310 nm sm)

 Digital/Digital O/E converter, with universal power supply.

Useful Documents


LTX-5520 datasheet - pdf (44K)

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