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O/E Converter TIA-1200


Bandwidth: DC to 12 GHz

Wavelength range: 900 to 1700 nm

BNC connects to oscilloscope

Battery operation

 The TIA-1200 optical to electrical converter is a convenient battery powered wideband detection system for fibre optic applications. With a typical bandwidth of DC to 12 GHz (min. 10 GHz), it accurately provides an electrical replica of the optical signal presented to it. It is intended to drive a 50 ohm cable terminated in its characteristic impedance.

 The unit is equiped with an InGaAs/InP detector that is responsive in the wavelength range of 900 - 1700 nm. The TIA-1200 is provided with an FC fibre optic receptacle. Other fibre optic connectors can be provided on request. The output signal is presented to a type K SMA female connector.

 Each unit is powered by a self-contained 9 V lithium battery. It is employed to provide reverse bias for the detector. Battery operation eliminates ground loops and the undesirable effects of conducted radiation that may exist on local power lines.

 The TIA-1200 is comprised of a fibre coupled InGaAs detector coupled with a reverse bias voltage network. The output of the diode is brought out to a type K female SMA connector. Light falling on the detector generates a positive-going proportional current. This current, multiplied by the load impedance produces a voltage that is proportional to the light incident on the detector surface.

 The active area of the TIA-1200 is 50 microns in diameter. It is coupled to a 50 micron core optical fibre. Thus both singlemode and multimode sources may be tested without incurring excessive coupling losses.

 Typical optical return loss is 35dB and is caused primarily by the FC/PC connector employed. If higher return loss is needed, the unit may be optionally equipped with singlemode angled PC connectors for ORLs of around 52dB.

 Battery life is approx. 100 hours and is somewhat dependent on the average strength of the signal being monitored. Battery replacement is indicated when the Power On LED dims noticeably or when the received signal bandwidth appears to be reduced. An external power supply is available for an additional cost which eliminates the use of a battery.


Detector type: InGaAs/InP (900-1700 nm)

Current responsivity: 0.7 A/W @ 1300 nm, 0.77 A/W @ 1550 nm

Max. linear input power: 10 mW max.

Max. input power without damage: 100 mW

Bandwidth (-3dB): DC to 12 GHZ typical, 10 GHz min.

Output impedance: 50 ohms

Output connector: Type K SMA female

Fibre optic input connector: FC

Input numerical aperture: 0.23

Optical return loss: >35dB, >52dB with APC connector

Power required: 9 V lithium battery powers the unit for approx. 100 hrs

Dimensions: 30.5 (W) x 63 (L) x 38 (H) mm

Weight: 150 gm

Operating temperature: 0-40 C

Limited warranty: 2 years from date of receipt

Ordering Information

TIA-1200-FC w/universal p/s

 InGaAs O/E Converter, not amplified, typical 12 GHz BW, FC Connector, external power supply.

TIA-1200-FC (battery)

 InGaAs O/E Converter, not amplified, typical 12 GHz BW, FC Connector, battery.

Useful Documents


TIA-1200 datasheet - pdf (89K)

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