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O/E Converter TIA-525

O/E ConverterFeatures

125 MHz bandwidth

<3 pA/Hz1/2 RMS noise

1 KV/W to 100 KV/W selectable gain settings

InGaAs or Si detectors for use at all fibre optic wavelengths

Powered by an internal battery

Capable of driving a 50 ohm load

AC or DC coupling

ST or FC connectors

Mounts on BNC input of an oscilloscope

 The TIA-525 optical receiver is a convenient, easy to use optical to electrical converter. It is extremely useful in a variety of laboratory and field service situations where a quick check of the operation of a laser source, optical transmitter, or the output of a fibre optic communications link is required.

 The use of surface-mount construction techniques permits the unit to be mounted directly on the vertical input BNC connector of an oscilloscope, digitiser or lock-in amplifier. Simply energise the battery powered unit and the optical signal presented to the fibre input port is faithfully reproduced on the oscilloscope screen.

 Both Silicon and Indium-Gallium-Arsenide detectors are available to cover the 400 to 1000 nm or 900 to 1700 nm spectral regions respectively.

 Gains are switch selectable and provide peak responsivity values of approx. 1000 to 100,000 volts per watt. AC coupling between stages may be introduced in order to examine weak high frequency optical signals in the presence of a strong DC optical component. The TIA-500 electrical bandwidth exceeds 125 MHz in the low and medium gain configurations and exceeds 35 MHz in the highest gain configuration. The unit's output stage is fully capable of driving a 50 ohm coaxial cable terminated in its characteristic impedance.

 Fibre connection options include ST or FC receptacles. An unconnectorised detector is available as an additional option so that the unit may be used with free space beams. Powered by an internal, readily available, 9 V battery, the TIA-500 is handy to use and store. Its low noise performance results from the use of a well shielded case plus its inherent isolation from power lines and ground loops.

 The ease of use and convenience of this instrument are matched only by the high performance to price ratio. It is also backed by a two year warranty.


Detector types: InGaAs (900-1700 nm) or Si (400-1000 nm)

Transimpedance ranges: 1.4K, 14K

Gain select: x1, x10

Max. linear input power: >1.2 mW

Max. input power without damage: 10 mW

Bandwidth: 125 MHz at 1.4K transimpedance, 35 MHz at 14K transimpedance

Output impedance: 50 ohms

Output connector: Male BNC

Fibre optic input connector: ST or FC

Input numerical aperture: 0.29

Interstage coupling: AC or DC

Output offset voltage: +/- 1 V at max. gain

Max. output voltage: 4 V pk-pk, no load, 2 V pk-pk with 50 ohm load

Noise level: 3 pA/ Hz1/2

Power required: 9 V battery powers the unit for approx. 30 hrs (no load)

Dimensions: 30.5 (W) x 63 (L) x 38 (H) mm

Weight: 150 gm

Limited warranty: 2 years from date of receipt

Ordering Information


 Silicon O/E Converter with ST Connector (DC - 125MHz BW).


 InGaAs O/E Converter with ST Connector (DC - 125MHz BW).


 InGaAs O/E Converter with FC Connector (DC - 125MHz BW).

Useful Documents


TIA-525 Data Sheet - pdf (39K)

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