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Balanced O/E Converter TIA-527

O/E ConverterDescription

 The TIA-527 balanced optical to electrical converter provides adjustable gain and a bandwidth of DC to 125 MHz. It is useful for coherent heterodyne detection applications, spectroscopy and similar applications for which the ability to discern small variations in signal strength in two optical paths is critical..

 The TIA-527 operates by subtracting the photocurrents from two well matched Indium Gallium Arsenide detectors. The result is amplified and presented to the output port. Common mode signals such as laser RIN noise are effectively cancelled out.

 Use of this converter can greatly simplify signal processing requirements downstream from the experiment.

 Gains of 1400 V/W, 14 000 V/W and 140 000 V/W may be selected as well as selectable AC interstage coupling.

 The unit is designed to be conveniently mounted on an oscilloscope input bnc connector and may be powered either by its internal battery or with the universal wall-mount supply provided with each unit.


Detector types: Matched InGaAs


Analog signal bandwidth (-3dB): DC to 125MHz (Tr=1.4K), DC to 35 MHz (Tr to 14K)

Selectable transimpedance settings: 1.4K Ohms, 14K Ohms

Gain selections: x1, x10

Max. linear input power: 1.2 mW

Max. input power without damage: 10 mW

Spectral response: 850 - 1700 nm

Output impedance: 50 ohm

Output connector: Male BNC

Fibre optic input connector: FC

Input numerical aperture: 0.29

Interstage coupling: DC or AC (100Hz low frequency cut off)

Output offset voltage: +/- 0.1 V

Noise level: 3.6 pW/root-Hz

Max. output voltage: 4 V pk-pk, no load, 2 V pk-pk with 50 ohm load

Power requirements: 9 V battery or supplied universal wall-mount power supply

Battery life:Approx 30 hours (no load)

Wall-mount supply power requirements: 95-260 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz, 16 VA max

Mains connectors supplied: North American, British, Continental Europe, Australian

Dimensions: 30.5 (W) x 63 (L) x 30 (H) mm

Weight: 0.16 kg

LED annunciators provided: power on

Operating temperature range: 0 - 40oC

Standard warranty: 2 years from date of receipt, components and workmanship, 30 day satistfaction guarantee

Accessories supplied: Plastic transit and storage case, 9V ULTRALIFE lithium battery

Ordering Information


 Balanced O/E Converter with 9V battery and universal wall-mounted power supply.

Useful Documents


TIA-527 Data Sheet - pdf (119K)

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