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Visible Laser Fault Locator VLF-275

O/E ConverterFeatures


Universal 2.5mm connector

40 hour battery life

Standard external wall mount supply

650nm wavelength

Holster with tilt stand

 The VLF-275 is a hand-held battery powered stabilised fibre optic laser source that emits visible (red) light at 650 nm.

 Its intended function is to allow an operator to identify the exact location of a break, microbend, or other discontinuity in a fibre optic cable. As the radiation is visible, light emanating from a break or microbend enables the user to locate the exact position of a fault even at very short distances that would not be detectable by conventional means such as an Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer, (OTDR). It is also useful for identifying a particular fibre in a cable by exciting the fibre to be located with visible radiation. It has provision for coupling the laser output to a connectorised fibre.


Output Power: 0.5 - 1mW (single-mode), 1.0 - 2.0mW (multimode).

Wavelength: 650 nm +/- 5nm.

Power Stability: +/- 5%.

Battery: 9 V Alkaline (AC Adapter).

Battery Life: 100 hrs pulsed.

Pulse Rate: 7 Hz.

Duty Cycle 0.33.

Emission Indicator: LED, on in sync with laser.

Standard F/O Connector: Universal 2.5 mm Ferrule.

Size (L x W x D): 165 x 83 x 29 mm.

Weight: 0.21 kg.

Operating Temperature: -10 to 50oC.

Storage Temperature: -30 to 60oC.

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 Visible laser fault locator.

Useful Documents


VLF-275 Data Sheet - pdf (43K)

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