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Infrared Detector and Array Specials

Customised DetectorCustomised Single and Multi Element Detectors

Pyroelectric Lithium Tantalate DetectorsPyroelectric Lithium Tantalate detectors with high detectivity and long-time stability

Special detector sizesSpecial sizes of responsive elements

Temperature CompensatedTemperature compensated responsive elements

Multi element detectorsMulti element and multi spectral detectors

Customised filterCustomised filter and additional optics

Optional Black CoatingOptional additional black coating for high spectral uniformity

Detectors for Voltage or Current modeDetectors for voltage or current mode

Detector HousingsTO39, TO8 or special housings

Customised ArrayCustomised Arrays and Modules

Pyroelectric Linear Array

High ResponsivityHigh responsivity and long-time stability

256 elementsUp to 256 elements

Special Element SizesSpecial element sizes

Detector Pitch50 µm minimum pitch

Special Infra-red filtersSpecial filters

Customised Detector ModulesCustomised modules

Module MES-M2Module MES-M2 with 128A-LT or 128A-LT-I

Chopper Frequency128 Hz chopper frequency

Power SupplyPower supply and clock generation

A/D Converter16 bit analogue to digital converter

Digital Signal ProcessorDigital signal processor

RS232 InterfaceSerial interface RS 232 / RS 422

Windows SoftwareWindows® software

Please contact us if you require custom designed and built infrared detectors.

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