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IR LED Accessories

 Available accessories include driver electronics and detectors. Please contact us for more information or if you cannot find what are you looking for.

PLEASE NOTE: All IR accessories specifications are subject to change without notice.

WLD3343 - Ultrastable Driver for Laser Diodes


The WLD3343 is an easy-to-use analog circuit for space contstrained
, high-power laser diode applications. The WLD3343 maintains precision
laser diode current (constant current mode) or stable photodiode
current (constant power mode) regulation using electronics that are
compatible with any laser diode type. Safely supply up to 2.2 Amps
of current to your laser diode from a single +5 Volt power supply.




Low Cost

Slow Start Laser Diode Protection

Drive Up to 2.2 Amps Output Current

Constant Current or Power Operationamax

Compatible With Any Laser Diode Type

Small Package Size (1.30” X 1.26”0.313”)

Voltage Controlled Setpoint

TTL Compatible Shutdown Pin

Adjustable Current Limitax

Adjustable Current Range

2 MHz Constant Current Bandwidth

Over Temperature Shutdown

PDF For more information please see the datasheet.


WLD3393 Rev B- Laser Diodes Driver Demo Board


Use the WLD3393 Demo Board to rapidly prototype a complete
laser diode control system using the cutting edge technology of
the WLD3343 Laser Diode Driver. Onboard switches, connectors,
and trimpots make confi guration and operation simple. Input and
output cables are also included.


Operates all Laser Diode Pin Confi gurations

Two Confi gurable Output Current Ranges (200 mA or 2.0 Amps)

Constant Current or Constant Power Operation

Onboard Current Setpoint Trimpot

Adjustable Current Limit

Enable/Disable Switch and LED

Includes Input/Output Cable Set

Includes a Fan Connector

Easily Connects to an External Control Potentiometer or Voltage Source

PDF For more information please see the datasheet and the aplication notes.


Ordering Information


 Ultrastable Driver for Laser Diodes


Laser Diode Driver Demo Board

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