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IR-4X Series

IR-40NC Features

 This infrared source is a thermal emitter with an emissivity of ~80%. It is appropriate for use in laboratory or field instrumentation due to its long life and stable properties.

 These thin film units operate at ~600°C when powered with 4 watts for the IR-40 or 1.2 watts for the IR-43. The radiating element is an approximately 1.5 micron thin film of precision laser trimmed resistance material. The IR-40 element is permanently bonded to a flat substrate of alumina forming a stable platform. This contributes to a uniform radiating source. The unit does not require operation in a sealed atmosphere. The thin film design results in a low mass of radiation material.

IR-40 The IR-40 unit is attached to a TO-5 header with high temperature cement. This unit is also offered without a cap (as an IR-40NC) and with a cap and sapphire window (as an IR-40S).

 The IR-43 unit is free standing on a TO-5 header. It requires less power to achieve the same temperature as the IR-40. Without a directly connected mass to draw of heat, it is more responsive.



Operating Specifications


Voltage: 26.0 Volts (AC or DC)

Temperature: 500°C

Current: 100 mA

Power: 2.5 Watts

Active area: 4 mm x 3.5 mm

Emissivity: 0.80

Lifetime: 3+ years at 600°C, typical


Voltage: 14 Volts (AC or DC)

Temperature: 600°C

Current: 90 mA

Power: 1.3 Watts

Active area: 1.5 mm x 1.5 mm

Emissivity: 0.80

Lifetime: 3+ years at 600°C, typical


IR-40/41 Dimensions

IR-40/41 Dimensions

Please contact us for advanced information.

Standard Packaging




Parabolic/Elliptical (to achieve opticla gain up to 14x)

1" (25.4 mm)

2"(25.4 mm)

3" (76.2 mm)

Transmitting Range (microns)





AR Silicon

0.17 - 5.0

0.15 - 9.0

0.55 - 20.0

1.2 -10.0

Ordering Information


 4 Watt IR Source - 600°C



 4 Watt IR Source - 600°C, No cap



 4 Watt IR Source - 600°C



 4 Watt IR Source - 600°C, No cap



 1.3 Watt IR Source - 600°C, free standing on TO-5 header



 1.3 Watt IR Source - 600°C, free standing on TO-5 header, No cap


Useful Documents


IR Source Series 40 Data Sheet - pdf (113K)


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