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Thermocouple System


IR-12TC Calibration Source This infrared thermocouple system consists of a standard Series 12 infrared source, a Type K thermocouple and an optional digital thermometer.

 These units have been used as checks on infrared instruments such as thermometers and cameras. When power is applied to the infrared source the unit heats and the digital thermometer generates a digital read out of the surface temperature (see note below). The thermocouple output can also be used as an input to the power supply system to control the source temperature.

 Infrared Source IR-12K/TC

IR-12TC Calibration Source The Type K thermocouple sensor is fabricated using special limit error thermocouple wire. The wire is rated at ±1.1°C. However the thermal connection between the thermocouple and the IR source isn't perfect and the reading from the thermocouple can be between 50 and 100°C lower. E.g. If the source is operating at 975°C, the thermocouple will read between 875 and 925°C. The thermocouple cannot therefore be used to measure the temperature of a source but is useful for tracking the thermal stability of a source.

 The sensor is applied directly to the coil of the infrared source. High temperature, low-expansion material is used to apply the sensor. The thermocouple is terminated with a standard Type K ANSI miniature plug.

 Digital Thermometer /DT

 The thermocouple system can be plugged directly into this unit. The meter accepts all Type K thermocouple probes with ANSI miniconnectors.


 HOLD button to freeze reading

 Switch for readouts in °F and °C

 Display has large 1/2" digital characters

 Measurement range: -50°C to 1300°C

 Meter comes with 9 volt battery

 Three and a half digits


Our MC-233 and MC-234 parabolic and elliptical reflectors can be modified so that they can be used with the thermocouple systems. Please contact us for further information.

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 11 Watt Infrared Source - 975°C with Thermocouple


 11 Watt Infrared Source - 975°C with Thermocouple and Digital Thermometer Display


 Digital Thermometer Display only


 Aluminium ellipticalreflector, modifed for use with IR-12K/TC and IR-12K/TC/DT

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 Aluminium parabolic reflector, modifed for use with IR-12K/TC and IR-12K/TC/DT

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