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Laser Power & Energy Measurement Accessories

preamp Preamplifiers for Pyroelectric Detectors

To make the lowest level pulsed energy measurements, a preamplifier can be connected between the pyroelectric sensor head and the LEM2410 readout.

By adding a pre-amplifier to a pyroelectric sensor head the sensitivity of the measurements can be improved. Energy levels down to 100 nJ are possible when used with the PEM 4 sensor. The bandwidth of the amplifier is specifically designed to match the pyroelectric sensor heads and the reduction in capacitive load due to the interconnecting cables greatly improves the sensitivity of the system.

Gain is set during manufacture and should be specified by the customer when ordering. A choice of two gains is available with the Model VST2N as this part includes a gain select switch.

By including a preamplifier in your system, the dynamic range of possible measurements is maximised. This range also allows losses of sensitivity due to small load resistors, used to increase repetition rates, to be compensated for.

Part Number






10, 100 or 1000

10 & 100
100 & 1000

Input Impedance

1 M Ohm

Cord Length

3 m

Power Supply

±15 V

isolation kit Isolation Kit

The use of this kit with PEM 30K-VUV is recommended to reduce mechanical vibrations and to prevent ground loops. The kit includes:

Chain Clamp

Thrust ring made of UV-resisting plastic


Ordering Information


 Preamplifier for pyroelectric detectors.


 Preamplifier for pyroelectric detectors with choice of two gain settings.

Isolation Kit

 Isolation kit for use with PEM 30K-VUV.

Useful Documents


VST1N and VST2N datasheet - pdf (70K)

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