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Photonic Products Laser Diode Modules

Scitec Instruments offers a range of UK manufactured laser diode modules from Photonic Products.


Blue-violet laser modules

Series 300 Compact

Compact laser diode modules, 635 nm and 650 nm wavelengths

Series 300 TE cooled

TE cooled, blue-violet, red and infrared laser diode modules and green DPSS laser modules

Series 300 Alignment

645 nm laser alignment system

Series PM/PMF

Laser diode modules with elliptical beam output. TTL and "Near End of Life Detection" options. 635 nm to 850 nm wavelengths


Laser modules with circular beam output. TTL option. 635 nm to 785 nm wavelengths

Series 300 DPSS

Green DPSS laser modules

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