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Low Frequency Taut Band Resonant Chopper


 The taut band resonant chopper (optical modulator) is a FIXED FREQUENCY, electromechanically driven vane which reflects or blocks a light beam via a sinusoidal motion. This chopper is used when excursion cannot be attained with a tuning fork chopper and very low frequencies (down to 5 Hz) are desired. The chopper operates at one fixed frequency chosen from the chopping range of 5 Hz to 300 Hz. The practical upper frequency is 100 Hz. Taut band choppers are used for chopping large diameter beams and for sequentially chopping a pair of parallel beams (up to 15.2mm in diameter). The amplitude of the motion of the chopper is inversely proportional to its frequency. Dark or bright vanes are standard, but can be replaced with a mirror to create a beam deflector. Filters or gratings are optional as well. Optical devices such as detectors and emitters may be attached to the vanes with fine conductors.

One fixed frequency, between 5 Hz and 300 Hz

Angular motion up to 30°

Small size/ lightweight

Low cost

Withstands shock and vibration

Low power drive electronics

Rugged, no wearing parts

High reliability, long life

High frequency stability (to 0.005%)

High amplitude stability (<0.01%)

Vacuum operation (to 10-10 Torr) 1

High/low temperature operation (Cryogenic temperatures to 200 C) 1

Jitter free operation

No radiated electromagnetic interference (EMI)

Reference signal available

Metal vanes are standard, mirrors, prisms or lenses optional 1

1Available on special order

 Either the ED driver or the AGC driver is used to drive the CH-30 taut band chopper. The AGC driver also provides high amplitude stability (0.005%) and both sine and TTL reference signals.

 Special vane configurations, modulating waveforms and shapes are available as a special order (consult EOPC). Drive electronics with different package, regulation and power supply options are available. Special pricing is also available for OEM applications.

Please contact us for more details.

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