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Tuning Fork Optical Choppers

CH10 Features

 The tuning fork chopper is a FIXED FREQUENCY, electromechanically driven light chopper. Vanes attached to moving tines of a fork modulate a light beam. The chopper operates at the natural resonant frequency established by the effective mass of the moving assembly and the spring constant of the tines.

One fixed frequency, between 10 Hz and 6 kHz

Aperture up to 10 mm

Small size/ lightweight

Low cost

Withstands shock and vibration

Low power drive electronics

Rugged, no wearing parts

High reliability, long life

High frequency stability (to 0.005%)

High amplitude stability (<0.01%)

Vacuum operation (to 10-10 Torr) 1

High/low temperature operation (Cryogenic temperatures to 200 C) 1

Jitter free operation

No radiated electromagnetic interference (EMI)

Reference signal available

Metal vanes are standard, mirrors, prisms or lenses optional 1

Single vane for alternate beam chopper 1

1Available on special order

CH10 Chopping frequency ranges from 10 Hz to 6 KHz, apertures up to 15mm are practical in the lower frequencies (under 100 Hz), 0.5mm at 3 KHz and 0.2mm at 6 KHz. If the beam size is limiting the chopper rate, consider focusing at the chopper to reduce the beam size. The amplitude of the motion of the chopper is inversely proportional to its frequency. Dark or bright vanes are standard; mirrors, lenses or gratings optional.

 Low cost, compact size, lightweight and virtually unlimited life make the tuning fork choppers especially suitable for dedicated applications, OEM, built into an instrument or system, and for portable systems.

 Balanced operation and high "Q" insure excellent frequency stability, low electrical drive power and low reaction forces. High flexural stiffness provides good resistance to shock and vibration. Tuning fork choppers are cryogenic and high temperature (200°C) capable. They can be constructed of low out-gassing materials for ultra high vacuum (10-10 Torr) applications. The choppers are excellent candidates for use in harsh industrial environments as well as in deep space environmental research, non-invasive medical research and laboratory research applications.

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Useful Documents


CH-10 datasheet - pdf (159K)

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