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UV Flashcon

UV Flash Lamp Intensity Monitoring

FeaturesUV Flashcon

Suitable for measuring short pulses of UVflash lamps

It gives an output level of 5V as long as the UV flash lamp intensity is higher than a configurable threshold

If no flash intensity is exceeding the threshold for a choosable time, the output level falls to 0V.

Avilable with different radiation hard SiC detectors with different spectral sensitivities (e.g. broadband UV, UVA, UVB, UVC)

Suitabilty for measurements from very low to very high radiation

The housing of the UVFLASHCON allows the integration of further filters, reducers and diffusers.


Specifications of the UVFLASHCON

Power Supply

+7…24 V

Output Signal

0 / 5 V

Minimum detectable signal pulse length

30 ns

Maximum switching delay

90 ns



Maximum output rise time

25 ns

Maximum output fall time

25 ns




Additional technical data





Operating temperature

-40….+85 °C

Storage temperature

-65… +85 °C



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