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Data Logger - UVMINILOG



The UVMINILOG is designed for high performance and reliable logging of ultraviolet radiation.



It uses sophisticated microcontroller technology and low noise SiC based UV detectors allow up to 18 months of permanent measurement and logging without battery charging.



Applications include dose monitoring of UV sensible goods such as artworks or compound materials. Other fields are dose monitoring of UV hardening systems or sun UV (e.g. Erythema or UVA + UVB) monitoring of persons, animals or plants.

TOCON series of sensors UV Sensors included
(available with one or two UV sensors)



 The UVMINILOG is available with different detectors (one or two) measuring e.g. UVA, UVB or UVC
only, UV-broadband, UV-Erythema or UV-ICNIRP

 By default we ship the device with a UVA-UVB-UVC broadband photodetector which is NIST traceably calibrated with a Xenon high pressure lamp (Newport 6251). Other NIST calibrated sensors such as sun Erythema, UVC disinfection, UV hardening and low UV sensing sensors are available on request. Please contact us for further assistance.

Optional Sensors

The UVMINILOG can be equipped with four further sensors:



Working range:



-10°C to +58°C

±0.1°C (5°C to 45°C) ±0.2°C (-10°C to +58°C)

Relative Humidity

0-100% rel. Hum.( -20°C to +65°C)

±2% rel. hum. (10-85% rel. hum., 0 to 40°C) ±4% rel. hum. (85-95% rel. hum., 0 °C to 40°C)


0-2500 mbar abs.

±2.5 mbar (750-1100 mbar absolute)


±10 G / ±2 G sel.

±0.15 g (25 °C)


Data Transfer and Software

 With the provided software Setup the user customises the properties of the UVMINILOG. With the software Reader the USB data transfer is started. The Viewer is used for graphical displaying. The data can be exported as a csv file for analysing in standard softwares like Excel or Origin. The software Online is displaying online measurements.

Logging Features

 Record limits can be set for all used sensors. If a signal exceeds a limit the red LED will flash.

 Measurements can be started via a connected computer (date and time for the start can be chosen) or manually by a push-button.

 The push-button can be used as a marker to mark special events in the recording.

 For each of the possible six sensors a measurement rate between 1s and 12h can be chosen.

 Prediction feature calculates memory and battery capacity for the chosen measurement rates.

 For monitoring of sensitive transport goods a shock measurement can be activated (if acceleration sensor is equipped). Therefore a threshold can be chosen. Every acceleration above this threshold is recorded. The mixing gravitational acceleration is not taken into account.


 The UVMINILOG has been developed for monitoring of moving goods and beings. It can be attached with a belt or three screws.


 The UVMINILOG is available in different configurations. Besides the choice of sensitivity and spectral response of the UV sensors and the choices of additional sensors the device can be delivered in a waterproof (IP 67) housing. Please contact us for customised specifications and housings.

Specifications of the UVMINILOG

Sensors and Output

Number of SiC UV sensors: 1 - 2

Specs. of UV Sensor: please have look at the datasheet with detailed specifications of the used sensor.

Working range and accuracy of optional Sensors: see above

Storage rates:


min. storage rate UV Intensity: 2/day


max. storage rate UV Intensity: 50/second


min. storage rate Temperature: 2/day


max. storage rate Temperature: 1/second


min. storage rate rel. humidity: 2/day


max. storage rate rel. humidity: 1/second


min. storage rate pressure: 2/day


max. storage rate pressure: 10/second


min. storage rate acceleration: 2/day


max. storage rate acceleration: 50/second


Standard Parameters of the housing (varies with required features)

Dimensions (BxHXD): 78 x 39 x 24 mm

Weight: 60 g


Additional technical data

Operating temperature: -15 to +65 °C

Storage temperature -20 to +70 °C

Capacity lithium-polymer battery: 900 mAh

Data storage: >2,000,000 parameters

Ordering Information


 UV datalogger

Data Sheets

For help in choosing the correct product for your requirements please see our product overviews.

PDF UV MINILOG data sheet - pdf

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