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Scitec Instruments Ltd has been a specialist manufacturer of optical choppers and lock-in amplifiers, and distributor of a wide range of photonic products to the world’s cutting edge research market for 40 years.

We offer of a wide range of products including: lasers and accessories, laser power and energy meters and laser safety eyewear. We also offer IR sources and IR sensors, as well as UV measuring instruments and UV photodiodes. In addition we offer a range of fibre optics test products.

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UK and EU customers may place orders by credit card via this website. Just look for the Online Ordering links or Buy Now buttons.

Scitec Instruments offers the following products:

Optical choppers

Optical Chopper Optical Choppers

Lock-in Amplifiers

lock-in amplifier Lockin Amplifiers



lasers Lasers

Laser Safety goggles

Laser Eyewear Laser Eyewear


power meters

power and energy meters Power and Energy Meters

Mini Spectrometers

lock-in amplifier Mini Spectrometers


Infrared Sources

infrared sources Infrared Sources

Infrared Detectors

infrared detectors Infrared Detectors



infrared LEDs Infrared LEDs


uv photodiodes UV Measurement


Fibre Optics

fibre optic products Fibre Optics

Resonants Modulators

resonant modulators Resonant Modulators

Please contact us if you can't find what you're looking for.

We accept online orders from UK and EU customers with payments from the following cards - just look for the Buy Now buttons on our website. Please contact us if you're not in the UK / EU and wish to place an order.



Scitec Instruments currently has a Hamamatsu near infrared mini-spectrometer on offer at a significantly reduced price. We also offer a 50 mW 473 nm blue laser at a special low price. Please check our Special Offers page for details.


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