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Infrared Detectors

Our Lithium Tantalate infrared detectors are characterised by robustness, excellent long-time stability and a convincing price to performance ratio.

NEW G range of low cost LiTaO3 single element detectors.

NEW range of LiTaO3 linear arrays.

We also have a range of PbS room temperature detectors capable of detecting up to 2.9 µm and high sensitivity type PbSe photoconductive detectors.

If you can't find what you want or you require custom-designed IR detectors, please contact us and we will try to help.

Single Element Pyroelectric Infra-red Detectors LiTaO3 Pyroelectric Single Element Detectors

NEW Single Lithium Tantalate infrared detectors with high specific detectivity.

Pytoelectric Infra-red Detector ArraysLiTaO3 Multi Channel Detectors

NEW Multi Element Lithium Tantalate pyroelectric detectors high long term stability.

Pytoelectric Infra-red Detector ArraysLiTaO3Pyroelectric Linear Arrays

NEW Hybrid pyroelectric linear arrays with 128 or 256 responsive elements

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Infrared Detectors

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