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Mini Spectrometers from Hamamatsu

HAMAMATSU mini-spectrometers are polychromators integrated with optical elements, an image sensor and a circuit.

Light to be measured is guided into the entrance port of through an optical fiber and the spectrum measured with the built-in image sensor is output from the USB port to a PC for data acquisition.

pdf Mini-spectrometer selection guide (3,370k)

Wide Dynamic Range (200 - 1100 nm)

These are well-suited for spectrophotometry at relatively high light levels such as absorbance measurement and light source spectrum evaluation.

High Sensitivity Type (200 - 1100nm)

These high sensitivity mini-spectrometers are ideal for low light level photometry such as fluorescence measurement.

Resolution Type (200 - 1000nm)

High resolution types that deliver a spectrum resolution of 1 nm.

Near infrared (NIR) type (900 to 2200 nm)

Small size and low cost type (TG-NIR) and a cooled type which realises low noise measurement are available.

Compact Type

Ultra compact spectrometer module with a built-in driver circuit and USB port and OEM model and ultra-compact spectrometer head.

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