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Optical Chopper Specials

150mm Custom Discs Scitec Instruments has produced a large number of custom optical chopper systems for its customers.

For custom disc designs based on 102 mm diameter, there is normally a minimum order quantity of 5 discs. This can be reduced, however, if more than one design is required.

Please contact us with your requirements, even if they are only in an early stage, so that we can discuss the options available.

 Examples of custom designs are given below. These designs are not available to third parties without the agreement of the original customer.

0 slot shot blasted aluminium disk

 0 Slot Shot Blasted Aluminium Disk

A number of small (50 mm diameter) aluminium disks were produced with a shot blasted finish. These were used for their reflective properties when spun.

 0 Slot 102 mm Disk

Zero slot disks are not obviously useful but the customer used these as blanks for making his own apertures.

0 slot 102mm disk
10 round hole disk

 10 Round Slot 121 mm disk

Different slot shapes will give different resultant waveforms. The larger disk size also requires a custom chopping head.

 12 Slot 200 mm Disk

The two radial sets of circular holes are used for the experiment. The outer set of slots are used for synchronisation.

12 slot 200mm disk
24 slot spiral 150mm

 24 Slot Spiral 150 mm disk

Slots do not need to be straight.

 4 Slot 102 mm disk

Specific output signals can be produced with carefully shaped slots. Scitec Instruments can help you with the design process if required.

4 slot 102mm
200 slot 200mm disk

 A 200 slot 200 mm diameter disk.

The minimum slot width of 0.7 mm for this disk means that the disk can only have a maximum thickness of 0.6 mm because of etching constraints. Due to the high speeds intended for this disk to be spun at, brass was not considered strong enough so stainless steel was used instead.

 5 / 16 Slot 102 mm disk

This disc was designed for a pulse picking application (more details here) together with a second similar disc. Despite appearances, this disc is actually balanced.

5 / 16 slot 102mm
200 slot 200mm disk

 A 3 slot 46 mm diameter disc and chopping head

A customer required the small dimentions of our 360H miniature chopping head but with a slightly larger disk. To meet the requirements, a custom 46mm diameter disk was manufactured and the chopping head was stretched to accomodate it.

 3 / 30 Slot disc for a TTI chopper

Two custom designs were produced for a TTI optical chopper system. After etching, the discs were diamond polished and then gold plated so that a high power laser could be bounced off them without damage.

Custom Gold Polished Disc Custom Gold Polished Disc

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