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& Blue light detection

A range of COVID products intended for UV disinfection applications is being distributed by Scitec Instruments.

Other UV products offered include, SiC Preamplifier Photodiodes, UV probes, current/voltage amplifiers, UV meter, controllers and monitors, UV spectrometer and UV lamps.

COVID Products

For disinfection applications

SiC Photodiodes

Silicon carbide (SiC) UV photodiodes

Tocon series

Preamplifier Silicon carbide (SiC) and GaP UV photodiodes.

UV Probes

UV Probes

UV Digital Sensors

High resolution CAN bus based digital UV probe (UV broadband, UVA, UVB, UVC, Erythema or blue light measurement)

Can be used with any 125kbit/s CAN bus or our CAN-to-USB converter or Radiometer

UV Datalogger

UV Datalogger - UVMINILOG and UVMICROLOG logs and stores UV and other data.

UV spectrometer

UV-VIS-Spectrometer with Concave Grating. Different probes avaliable - PC Software.

UV Radiometers

UV radiometer - UVtouch.

UV Controllers

UV controllers, handhelds and monitors.

Current/ Voltage Amplifiers

Current/voltage amplifiers.

UV Lamps/ Dimmable Ballasts

36W UV Lamps and ballasts

If you can't find what you want then please contact us and we will try and help.

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