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Digiprobe (UV-Surface-D)




High resolution, wide dynamic range, CAN bus signal, incl. temperature measurement, temperature compensation.

UV-Surface-D sensor can be configured for UV broadband, UVA, UVB/UV-index or UVC.

USB adapter box (DIGIBOX) for use with a PC, Software for trend vizualisation and data logging additional available.

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When ordering or enquiring about this product please indicate: aplication, spectral sensitivity (UV broadband, UVA, UVB, UVC, Erythema), intensity range or maxima intensity and connector and if any accessory is required.

Spectral sensitivity

When ordering please select a spectral sensitivity from the following list:

UV Broadband

Configure the sensor with a UV broadband SiC detector.


Configure the sensor with a UVA-only SiC detector.


Configure the sensor with a UVB-only/UV-Index SiC detector.


Configure the sensor with a UVC-only SiC detector.

Intensity range

When ordering please indicate one of the following intensity ranges:

Measurements up to 1mW/cm²

The sensor measures low UV radiations up to 1mW/cm² with a resolution of 10nW/cm².

Measurements up to 50mW/cm²

The sensor measures medium UV intensities up to 50mW/cm² with a resolution of 500nW/cm².

Measurements up to 10W/cm²

The sensor measures high UV radiations up to 10W/cm² with a resolution of 100µW/cm².

If you are not sure which range will be convenient for you please let us know the aplication and/or model of the UV lamp you are using.





USB adapter box (DIGIBOX) for use with a PC, Software for trend vizualisation and data logging additional available.


• Connects up to eight digital UV sensors and evaluates their signal on a PC.
• The freeware „DigiLog“ has a logging function and shows actual values and trends. •The software can also be used for sensor calibration.
• The bundle DIGITAL SENSOR & DIGIBOX is a plug&play solution for high performance laboratory UV measurements.




UVTOUCH radiometer



• 100% touch-screen controlled
• Dosimetry and datalogging
• Digital signal transmission from sensor (CAN bus)
• Compliant with GLP and LIMS standard
• Intuitive handling




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