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Apart from chemical treatment, UVC sterilisation is used to disinfect air and euipment in hospitals, doctor's surgeries and pharmacies as well as in food and pharmaceutical production and in public washrooms. The UVC used is generated by low-pressure Hg lamps, excimer lasers, pulsed Xenon lamps and UV LEDs. The COVID19 pandemic has also raised attention in also disinfecting other areas open to the public which are not yet subject to systematic disinfection such as:

disinfection of air and surfaces in open office environmemts, factories, public transportation, washrooms and lockers

surface disinfection of packages

disinfection of tools in workshops and production facilities

During design and use of UVC disinfection systems it's important to ensure the surface is being irradiated with a germicidally effective intensity of UVC. The International Ultraviolet Association's website (iuva.org) publishes a good overview of irradiation doses required for different purposes.


All of the above mentioned applications require measurement of the UV radiation either at it's source or at the position of the parts to be disinfected. This procedure is crucial to ensure that an adequate germ killing dose is applied to the parts. The products presented below have been specially developed for this purpose.


Duty sensor "UV-Sanitize" for permanent measurements

This sensor is designed for permanent measurements of the germicidal UV irradiation of a source or at the position of the parts to be disinfected. It is made of dirt repellant PTFE and is waterproof at it's wet side. It can be calibrated to any UVC disinfection source.


SXL 55

UV radiometer "SXL 55" for mobile measurement at disinfection point

UV radiometer / dosimeter for measuring the germicidal irradiation and dose at a defined position. It can be calibrated to any UVC disinfection source.



Radiometer "Safester-UVC" for risk assessment at work places

Radiometer for risk assessment at work places according to the EC guideline 2006/25/EC . The instrument is needed to ensure UV disinfection systems do not emit harmful irradiation, e.eg. radiation leakage form holes and gaps.

Ordering information

Notice that not all the UV sensors are available for online ordering, if you can't find what you want then please email us at sales@scitec.uk.com and we will try to help.





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